Friday, March 27, 2020

Current Affairs of 8th March to 14th March by ICE Institute

What is fun? What is joy? How to find happiness How to feel happiness? Every man wants to have fun. No one likes to be depressed, sad, depressed, frustrated, angry. We all know the definition of life. We also know a little bit about when, why and with whom to have fun. The problem is, we can't have fun! Something happens to something that gets in the way of fun.

Sometimes there is no time, there is no time when there is no mood, there is no company when there is a mood. If there is a company, it does not flush with each other. If you have decided that today is just a matter of having fun, it cannot happen. Suddenly something happens and water reverts to what is supposed to happen

.We have prepared a fun frame of mind. Even minor changes or problems can cause all our fun to vaporize. This is a story of a young man. One of his dreams was to do scuba! Watching the videos of the scuba diver, the sight of colorful fish floating in the bottom of the ocean would have been a sight to behold! One time he planned to go on a beach with friends. To her delight, Scuba's dream was about to come true. Reached the beach with friends. Suddenly 

the atmosphere changed as we approached the coast. The torrential downpour began to rain. The sea became stormy. In such circumstances, there is a risk of scuba diving, said the scuba dweller. Scuba won't happen! The young man got disturbed. There was sadness on his face. The words of friends started to say that the whole plan bed was gone. My mood was off. Hearing this, his friend asked, "Why does the mood stop?" If Scuba didn't happen then no! Other than that, here's another! Looking For All Friends! The resort has a nice fun disco bag! Let's dance! No, I don't want to come, you dance! Sit in a chair near a corner table with a swollen mouth! He looked right around the faces of all the people dancing! Everyone was dancing forgetting about everything! He wondered, why can't I forget anything? Why am I sitting sad? Why do I lose the fun I see in the face of what is not fun? At the same time the friend pointed out, Come on man, Just enjoy the dance! He got up and started dancing! Everything is forgotten in the hour! Our problem is, we're holding on to a lot! We also hold on to our thoughts and knees. Don't quit! Fun is often just a change of mood. If the mood is not good, even if there is a paradise there is no fun! We have to decide whether to raise heaven or create hell around us!

Enjoyment is not explained to all. Many people take off there after moving around. Those who have to find the problem have to find it. Where in the world are the shortages of problems and issues? If one search is found thousands will be found. This is very true of a person. One time he went hiking with the family on an ice mountain. Temperature was in minus degrees. Checked into the hotel. The brother went to the bathroom and saw that the shower was closed! He took over the entire hotel. It goes a little? The service of such an expensive hotel is so absurd! The husband said, "You came here for a bath?" Are you in such a cool bath? Why Do Wrong Bread? What a great atmosphere, enjoy it! The brother was upset with his wife too! Do not say between you! I'm not wrong. The wife said very kindly, Your word is true, but not good. Don't ruin your mood. Once you quarrel, you will not like anything. After the shower you will find another problem. Come to have fun then make fun! Not many people have the fun to have fun! At times, it may seem like fun to do! Such people themselves are not fun, they do not allow others to have fun. A person who cannot make fun of himself can never make fun of another! Fun is not even a small virtue! One who finds it fun to have fun even finds it fun!

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