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Rules of Indian National Flag Hoisting

🇮🇳  There is a rules of Hoistibg Indian national flag.....🇮🇳

Coming August 15th As a true Indian, everyone needs to know these rules so that the Indian Tiger may not be unintentionally humiliated.

 🇮🇳 Flag Rules

 The national flag is flown in different places on different occasions.  Routine guidelines are usually given to explain when to use them when they arrive.  These rules are given below.

 On all occasions it is desirable to use the standard and standard marking flag set by the Indian Standards Institution of India on all occasions in order to issue the official flag, on other occasions.

 The correct way to rotate a national flag

 (3) When the flag is rotated, it should be in a human position and arranged in a clear way.

 (3) When it is moved to public premises, it can be rotated on all days, including Sundays and Holidays, from sunrise to sunset, no matter what the weather.  The flag can be flown at night especially on special occasions in such houses.

 🇮🇳 (2) The task of rotating the national flag should be done promptly and should be performed slowly while unloading.  The flag is to be flown and the flag is to be hoisted with the trumpet.  The action that must take place in conjunction with the occasional sarong of the trumpet means that the flag should be flown and unloaded.

 (3) When the flag is to be placed horizontally or horizontally, or in a window or a corner, or the front of the building should be rotated, the flag should be fastened to the end of the saddle.

 (2) When the flag is to be placed flat and horizontally on the wall other than the saddle, the flag of the flag should be on the belt.  When it is to rotate vertically, keep the flag of the National Flag on the left.

 🇮🇳 (2) When it is to be displayed in the center of the street going east-west, north-south, the flag of the flag should be rotated as it stands on the north side or on the east side as per the occasion.

 (2) If the flag is to be placed on the speaker's platform, it should be on the right side of the speaker.  If that is not the case then the speaker should be positioned behind and above.

 🇮🇳 (2) The flag should be kept clear and visible as it is used on occasions like the unveiling ceremony.

 Note: The national flag cannot be used as a monument or statue.

 🇮🇳 (2) Whenever a national flag is to be rotated on the motor, it should be rotated on the rods with the motor in the front.

 (1) When carrying the flag, the flag must be on the right side of the march or in the middle of the row when the other flag is in a row.

 Wrong way to turn a national flag

 (1) A tornado, a broken or crushed national flag cannot be rotated.

 (1) The flag cannot be bowed to salute any person or thing.

 (2) No other flag or flag can be set higher than the national flag at a higher position, and no floral, hanger or any other mark may be placed on the saddle on which the flag is to be rotated.

 (3) No other decorative figure can be made from the national flag or used for its decoration.  They cannot be made of leaflets, nor can other colored cloth pieces be arranged in such a way as to be a national flag.

 (1) The National Flag may not be used to cover the speakers' desk or to sit on the speaker's platform.

 (3) The flag of the national flag cannot be kept down while rotating.

 (2) The national flag cannot be stopped on the ground or on the ground or the water cannot be swept away.

 (1) It cannot be deferred in such a way as to harm the national flag.

 Improper use of the national flag

 (1) The flag may not be used as a cover on any occasion except for a government or military funeral.

 (1) The flag may not be used as a cover on the side of the vehicle, train or vessel.

 (3) If the national flag is damaged, it cannot be stored in such a way that it deteriorates.

 (3) If the national flag has been damaged or destroyed, it cannot be burnt anywhere, but it can be destroyed in private and should be disposed of in any way that can possibly burn it or suit the reputation of the flag.

 (1) No flag can be wrapped around a flag.

 (1) The flag cannot be used as part of any costume or uniform.  It cannot be embroidered on a pillow glyph or printed on handkerchiefs or boxes.  If it cannot be kept or disposed of in any way.

 (3) No words can be imagined on the national flag.

 (1) No flag shall be used in any advertisement and no advertisement shall be placed on the pillar from which the flag is to be flown.

 (1) The flag cannot be used as a tool to carry, hold, hold or carry anything.

 The size of the national flag 1

 1 foot by 5 feet

 1 foot by 5 feet

 1 foot by 5 feet

 1 foot by 5 feet

 1 foot by 5 feet

 1 inch by 5 inches

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