Saturday, August 10, 2019

NMMS Exam Guidelines


Noodle friends should follow this instruction

 (1) First of all, update the profile of the high schools in your district and upload the Aadhar card and accreditation certificate of the nodal or principal of the high school.

 (2) Verify that institute from the district on the basis of the certification of the district Nodle High School.

 (3) Update the Institute and the details of the course in which the Institute operates.

 (4) Till date: 1/2/2, if there is a change in the name shown in the Aadhaar card of the children of your district and the name displayed in the NMMS certificate (Sending information to the children who have the change of name), here is the last blanket of the Excel sheet sent from here.  Type the name according to the Aadhaar card in the column and send it by e-mail to Only one excel of the entire district is to be sent..

NSP 2.0 ni Suchna
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NPS Technical Guideline
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