Friday, December 28, 2018

Shelter Home scandal, political instability in Bihar in 2018

Muzaffarpur sex embarrassment cast a long shadow over Bihar in a year in which the state satisfied its in sensitiveness for political unpredictability, equal number of litler players took unexpected steps while heavyweight progressed in combination. Not known for his achievements in the field of sports, the shooter Shreyasi Singh, Bihar, was pleased to win gold in the Commonwealth Games, while cricket legends have almost two After decades, I felt satisfied with the Bihar Group playing Ranji Trophy.

After coming to the Chief Minister and JD (U) President Nitish Kumar one year ago, the NDA's hopes were over again, as Joint Ram Manjhi, the Convenor of Hindustani Awami Morcha, went out and joined the Grand Alliance of Resistance, It started months later. There is far more circulation and harsh expanses of the National Lok Samata Party's boss and past Sangh's pastor Upendra Kushwaha.

All RLSP men in the state's bicameral council revolted against the choice of Kushwaha and declared that they will remain in NDA, the BJP has been shocked by its holiday in any case which came when the intensity of loss in Madhya Pradesh Under the assembly was harmed. , To maintain resistance attacks on Rafael Deals other than Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.

With the possibility of a shutdown on seat sharing, BJP President Amit Shah along with Nitish Kumar and Ram Vilas Paswan, on December 23, to show the world in front of the media in New Delhi showed that the first two will hold applicants at 17 seats in Bihar and Paswan House of the rest on the other six. The Grand Alliance, which currently has many local players and has expanded its striking strength to the Left Along with a discretionary understanding of the investigation, anyway has been attacked with its own issues.

Its biggest component, RJD, is in emergency due to the custody and illness of its owner Lalu Prasad, who is serving punishment in various feed trick cases. Prasad's more young children and beneficiaries, Chadhipi Yadav, removed the assembly from some lucrative surveys and demonstrated the potential of property by organizing a wonderful exhibition on Jantar-Mantar on Muzaffarpur's embarrassment, in which Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal and Sitaram Yechury There were thick cats. Participating in incorporating his ideological contradictions.

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This score, which LJP's beneficiary, Chirag Paswan, has termed as "more young brother and sister" - for the sake of the alliance of coalition partners in the NDA, they have many problems, which include matters organized by the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate. Does. His family, which controls RJD, is under extra stress because his senior brother, Tej Pratap Yadav and About gossip about the oldest sister Misa Bharti, it is said that her administration has restlessness over water.

Apart from this, the choice of incompatible Pratapap Yadav's choice to separate from his half-year better than half of his life, lives in his sudden and frequent travel places and refused to testify to his mother Rabri Devi's refusal to go to the house. . His partner has increased the situation just for the family, unrest in the house Has activated the spirit of.

Due to the two existing MLAs - Ilias Hussein in a deflection case and Raj Ballabh Yadav has been convicted for an attack - in a case of attack that has been blamed for regularly blaming individuals with criminal pioneers. The world wakes up for a frustrated story at a small house in Muzaffarpur, where 30 More minor young women were told about sexual abuse at the hands of the owner of NGO, Brajesh Thakur.

Surprised by the view of Muzaffarpur house, the Bihar government has made a re-establishmental assessment to get rid of non-governmental redistribution of shelter homes. The opposition to the abuse of the Draconian system of motion law was transferred to some extent through a change in the equivalent. The liquor boycott law was enforced by the Nitish Kumar government in 2015 and this year, many illegal and heavy amounts of illegal liquor were seized.

In addition to the sanctuary home sex displeasure, social welfare Manju Verma serves his seat and he reached the jail with his best half Chandrasekhar Verma, both of whom were booked under the Arms Act as a CBI strike. Similarly, in Bodhgaya, there was a concept of peace decay with episodes such as re-collecting bombs from an entertainment center, where the Dalai Lama had talked a while ago, the low-force mass struggle spread to some areas Gone, sporadic case crowds and murders of some political activists - not really due to political controversy.

On the political front, Kumar refuted his deprecators who had taken their captaincy before the new and vigorous BJP, run by Modi and his friend Amit Shah. Between the tension between the pioneers of BJP and JD (U) over "Big Brother" in the NDA in Bihar Words were announced by Bana Shah, Kumar said that there was one of the two. Challenge to "Equal number of seats" in the Lok Sabha one year later.

Three Congress MLCs, including its former state president Ashok Chaudhary, surpassed J.D. (U), who, after accepting the previous survey strategist Prashant Kishor and in the multi-month national VP's post, looking at his height, every single political meeting Paralyzed In any case, all sub- In the surveys, the crowd challenged on a large scale that it has banned the questions, which greatly appreciate the reverse classes, is the worst condition among Dalits and one area of ​​minorities.

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